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Document Reprocessors: Wet Document and Book Salvage and Recovery We salvage and dry wet documents and books Click for disaster and emergency response
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Click for disaster and emergency response
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Wet Document and Book Recovery

Document Reprocessors is the Leader in Wet Document Restoration

If you have books, documents, or other materials which have been soaked from a flood, firefighting or other accident, there's some good news: Your wet documents and flood-damaged records can be saved. However, you need to take the appropriate steps to insure their successful recovery and restoration.

The single most important step you can take at this time is to call Document Reprocessors and let us guide you through the steps needed to prepare your wet materials for a successful recovery. Or, make arrangements for our on-site, mobile freeze-drying apparatus to visit your location and start the recovery process right now!

Serving Libraries, Institutions and Government Agencies Since 1979

Document Reprocessors is the recognized industry leader in restoring water and smoke damaged documents, books, maps, blueprints, magnetic tapes and other archives.

Document Reprocessors is affiliated with the Association of Record Managers and Administration, as well as the Association of Cleaning and Restoration Specialists. We are well known throughout the library and archive preservation fields. We have restored damaged books, documents, micrographic and magnetic media, and other materials for replica watches government agencies, hospitals, record centers, insurance companies, libraries, archives, historical societies and private industry (as well as individuals) throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Avoid Further Document Damage

Every document recovery situation is different. Until you've decided how to proceed, you can actually cause more damage by moving wet papers, which can disintegrate unless handled by professionals. Knowing what to do and how to store wet documents is crucial to successfully recovering them.

When you call us, be prepared to provide us with all of the information we need to help you. Our staff is well-trained and they know what questions to ask. The more information you can provide, the quicker the recovery wheels will be set in motion.

Document Reprocessors uses the very latest in equipment, technology and methods to achieve consistent, superior results. Whether from flood, rain, water damage from fire or a defective sprinkler, our state-of-the-art facilities and our On-Site Disaster Recovery Teams are ready to serve you.

How We Recover and Straighten Wet Books

Wet book before drying and straightening

Document Reprocessor's exclusive, patented Thermaline® Process provides gentle but effective mechanical straightening during the drying procedure. Patented by us in 1990, Thermaline drying and reconstitution is particularly effective on books and paper media.

Mold can form quickly.
Don't wait -- CALL US NOW!
Wet book after drying and straigntening

Thermaline® is a vacuum freeze-drying process in which wet books are restrained from warping and distorting as water is removed. The process compresses books back into their natural shapes, minimizing cover board warpage. It allows most books to be returned directly to shelves with no additional restoration required.

The Thermaline® process does more than restrain books from distortion during drying: It also compresses books back into a more natural shape while minimizing cover board warpage. The result is that Thermaline® reduces the need to rebind books by up to 90%, as a consequence of controlled straightening during freeze-drying and compression.

To learn more about Document Reprocessors' exclusive Thermaline® vacuum freeze drying and straightening process for water-damaged books, please take a tour of our operations through our comprehensive slideshow, or view the Document Reprocessors informational video and find out how we can assist you when disaster strikes.

CALL 1-800-4DRYING (1-800-437-9464) Contact Document Reprocessors RIGHT NOW
We are the nation's leading experts when it comes to
salvaging and restoring water-damaged documents, books,
prints, photographs, magnetic media and other materials.
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